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“Self-Inquiry directly leads to Realization
by removing the obstacles
which make you think
that the Self is not already realized.

~Ramana Maharshi



.Historical monument Stonehenge,England, UK

The most important question in spirituality
is a difficult one to ask ourselves,
but it’s vital that we ask it,
and tell ourselves the truth,
if we’re ever going to live in freedom.

“Has your spiritual path
actually waked you up?”


Is the answer No?

Listen to Dr. Jenny Wade.

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Praise for The Living Method of Awakening

“Forget serious teachers and even crazy wisdom teachers! Fred Davis is enlightenment’s court jester, reformed rake, televangelist, and grits-talking magus all in one.  He’s the real deal–and I should know, after a career researching consciousness, seeking, and having my own satori and nondual experiences. From years of headbanging to recapture the awakening I’d lost through a severe drug reaction, I stumbled across him–and I awakened.

“Fred’s simplicity, directness, humor, rapscallion past, oddball humility, and Southern accent tell exactly how to awaken. His no-nonsense approach is stripped to the essentials, with plain talk that’s right on point. Just do it. If you follow Fred’s instructions, you will come home to yourself. He’s the world’s most accessible teacher, and you’ve got everything to gain.”

                                                                           ~Jenny Wade


After all these years of spiritual seeking, after all the books, videos, practices, meetings, workshops, intensives, retreats, wishes, dreams, and curses, come experience this proven, breakthrough method to walk through the Gateless Gate.  A very high percentage of clients have an initial awakening, or in the case of “rebooters,” they undergo a shift back into brightness with a “re-awakening.”

In one session.

Alpha to Omega Wreath



Nonduality Teachings


Alpha to Omega Wreath


More Praise for The Living Method of Awakening

Nondual Teacher Mandi Solk writes Rick Archer of BATGAP

October, 2013

“I hear from Fred Davis that you are soon to be doing an interview with him, so I just wanted to let you know, (and I am happy for you to mention this is your interview) that yesterday I had a two hour Skype session with him where he put me through his unique ‘Living Method’ of enquiry. And I just wanted to tell you, Rick, that it was absolutely fantastic. It was the clearest way of directly pointing to the I AM of my Source that I have ever experienced. I think he is an amazing Teacher. I already felt that I was pretty well awakened and clear about who I AM NOT and somewhat clear about who I AM, but since his session I have huge clarity about who I AM.”


Why not give it a try?

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