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The most important question in spirituality is a
difficult one to ask ourselves, but it’s vital that we ask it
if we’re ever going to live in freedom.


“Has your spiritual path¬†actually waked you up?”


Is the answer no?

Take heart.

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After all these years of spiritual seeking,
after all the books, videos,
practices, meetings,
workshops, intensives, and retreats,
you are cordially invited to explore a
new, breakthrough methodology.
You’ll have a very high chance of either having an initial awakening,
or experiencing a shift back into brightness with a “re-awakening,”
in your first session.


Ask yourself,

“Why not wake up now?”

Spiral stairs and magic doors

Experience that long-sought movement into experiential knowing
with the help of someone who’s already helped many hundreds
of ex-seekers all around the world.


Nonduality Teachings

The Living Method of Awakening’s first and foremost goal is your awakening.
Over and over again, people who have been on the spiritual path for decades,
who have tried just about everything out there without success,
have woken up with me in about two hours.

Spiritual enlightenment is the most important event of our entire lives.
For the last two years this teaching has had an incredible track record of success.

Come join my other awakened clients in freedom.

Discover The Living Method of Awakening for yourself.
Please read some of the many testimonials you’ll find here, and also here.
I know this sounds too good to be true.
It’s not.

Why not give it a try?
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