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Direct Awakening

“If you come across a sage
who has realized his true nature,
you will not be required to do anything
in the way of spiritual disciplines.
This is because through his teachings,
he will reveal your true nature,
as by placing a mirror before you.”

~Nisargadatta Maharaj



The chief reason for unending confusion in the pursuit of truth is the sense that one has already understood, and is simply lacking the direct experience commensurate with one’s knowledge. What feels like the cusp of enlightenment is in fact the heart of ignorance, from which most localized conceptualizations of Awakeness will never escape. Whenever Awakeness-as-seeking is self-subjected to that experience, it will almost always require apparent intercession by a perceived outside party if Awakeness is ever to become knowingly conscious of itself, much less remain so. 

 It does not surprise me that Awakeness so rarely comes to know its true nature in any given apparent, relative, location; it stuns me that it ever does. Yet as seemingly impossible as it is for Awakeness to “awaken” from delusion, that sensed event, which is always the projected “achievement” of a supposed individual, is a short walk in a pleasant park when proportionately compared to the always-ongoing process of Awakeness seeing through the previously believed thoughts that now constitute the ghostly remnants of an entirely imagined separate self. 
Thus it is the empty ego’s lack of willingness to keep on “getting it,” versus the pull to self-declare that we have already “gotten it,” which prevents the advent of conscious, divine abidance, and the accompanying sense of localized embodiment. The egoic desire for graduation is so strong that it prevents Awakeness from ever going to school, a school which is created, principaled, taught and attended only by itself. 
Ego’s acceptance of its own arrogance as being rational is what costs the so-called individual the humility required to  recognize and accept the truth of itself when presented with it. Thus is Awakeness’s continuously self-reinforcing trance deepened, and the eternal Ferris wheel of the ever-circular cosmic joke infinitely filled with, and endlessly turned by,  Awakeness itself. I know of nothing which could actually be funnier, yet simultaneously feel so tragic, as this perfectly constructed, seemingly infinite mental maze that is gleefully enjoyed and agonizingly endured by an invented character in a viscerally experienced, but nonetheless utterly make-believe world.
-Fred Davis


Come wake up with us, come clear up with us.
Come Home.

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Dr. Jenny Wade’s Bio

“Forget serious teachers and even crazy wisdom teachers! Fred Davis is enlightenment’s court jester, reformed rake, televangelist, and grits-talking magus all in one.  He’s the real deal–and I should know, after a career researching consciousness, seeking, and having my own satori and nondual experiences. From years of headbanging to recapture the awakening I’d lost through a severe drug reaction, I stumbled across him–and I awakened.

“Fred’s simplicity, directness, humor, rapscallion past, oddball humility, and Southern accent tell exactly how to awaken. His no-nonsense approach is stripped to the essentials, with plain talk that’s right on point. Just do it. If you follow Fred’s instructions, you will come home to yourself. He’s the world’s most accessible teacher, and you’ve got everything to gain.”

~Dr. Jenny Wade
February, 2015



Long-time British Nondual Teacher Mandi Solk
Writes to Rick Archer of BATGAP
October, 2013

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“I hear from Fred Davis that you are soon to be doing an interview with him, so I just wanted to let you know, (and I am happy for you to mention this is your interview) that yesterday I had a two hour Skype session with him where he put me through his unique ‘Living Method’ of enquiry. And I just wanted to tell you, Rick, that it was absolutely fantastic. It was the clearest way of directly pointing to the I AM of my Source that I have ever experienced. I think he is an amazing Teacher. I already felt that I was pretty well awakened and clear about who I AM NOT and somewhat clear about who I AM, but since his session I have huge clarity about who I AM.”


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