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Skillful Means Classes

Find your True Nature in these live, online classes for seekers tired of seeking. 

Online Sunday Satsangs

Explore your True Nature through live Q&As in our weekly online satsangs. 

Recorded Video Courses

Nonduality insights and instruction whenever and wherever you are.

Group Clearing Series

Attain Clarity through 1-on-1 interaction with Fred and support from a small group.

How To Find Your True Self

Fred shares hundreds of hours of teaching on his Youtube channel.

Check out his top 4 videos of all time:

1. A Powerful New Method of Clearing

2. I Understand This Intellectually, It’s Just Not My Experience

3. Two Hour Group Clarity Talk

4. Stop Seeking and Start Noticing!

Get to Know Us Better

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A special thanks goes out to our community volunteers who help clip videos, transcribe and co-host sessions for us.

Contact us if you would like to be a part of our volunteer community.

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