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Uncovered by noted nonduality teacher Fred Davis, this site is devoted to sharing the path to immediate awakening.

Now that you’re here, your search is over, for you are already awake.

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About Gary

Gary has been a student of Eastern wisdom for over 30 years, and a teacher since 2006.

In Gary’s experience, intellectual understanding alone is not enough for the seeker to experience a conscious awakening. It is only the active experiential understanding of who you are NOT that will allow the apparent seeker to discover who they ARE.

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About Fred

Fred Davis is a spiritual unteacher.

He studied and practiced Eastern wisdom for twenty-five years prior to 2006, when seeking ended.

He is the creator and the founder of both Awakening Clarity Now and The Living Method of Spiritual Awakening.

He has Nothing to offer you, which turns out to be a pretty big deal.

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