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All of my books are now available as audiobooks, Kindle editions, and paperbacks.
You can purchase any format through Amazon via the links on the covers below.
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is basically an Awakening Session in a can. It includes the full text of The Homecoming Story, which is unique to this teaching. With the audiobook version The Homecoming Story is narrated, which allows you to close your eyes, relax and really listen. To hear it is often more effective than reading it. Click here for the Audible version. That story has been a key factor in hundreds of awakenings around the world. Awaken Now has been a bestseller in Amazon’s Eastern Philosophy category for five months and counting.

is the book that broke the mold and started a nondual revolution. It offered, and in many cases provided, immediate freedom. It was a Kindle/Paperback Amazon bestseller for ten months, and three and a half years after its publication it is still the go-to book for many seekers who want to become finders. Click here for the Audible version.

is about life as it is experienced in the post-awakening, or natural state. Once we wake up, we then have to clear up, or we discover that our initial awakening is essentially squandered. Waking up to the dream is our ticket to the dance, but it’s not the Dance itself. Click here for the Audible version.

is also about the post-awakening experience. Think of it as a sister book to The Book of Unknowing. Our goal-less goal is not merely to wake up, but to move into abidance and embodiment. That movement is the Dance. Click here for the Audible version.

was my first book. It forms the bedrock upon which The Living Method of Awakening was founded. It was initially written as a “bridge book” between the recovery and nondual communities, and to bring a teaching structure to a very difficult subject. It has so far helped roughly a thousand people to awaken.
Think you’re not addicted? How about that addiction to separation? How about the addiction to an illusory self? And what about that oh-so-difficult addiction to thoughts? Everybody is addicted to something, and typically many things, though many may not be obvious until they are. Beyond Recovery offers tools to see through these habits and conditioning and break the cycle of becoming.
Beyond Recovery also contains the longest version of my own story that’s in print. If you’re interested in really finding out about and participating in The Living Method of Spiritual Awakening and Clearing, this book is a must. Click here for the Audible version.

is a little sampler I put out early on, primarily to bring attention to this teaching and my original Blogger website, which was named simply Awakening Clarity, versus the current, larger, WordPress site, Awakening Clarity Now. If you’ve read The Book of Unknowing, which came out after this booklet was published, then you’ve already read everything that’s found here.




  1. Alfred Koegler
    July 12, 2015 @ 3:07 pm

    Dear Fred,
    Just purchased your new book! Will give it a review after I’m finished reading it.
    All the best in Presence, Alfred


    • Fred Davis
      July 12, 2015 @ 3:49 pm

      Thank you, Alfred! I know you’ll follow through, and you know I am grateful.


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    May 17, 2016 @ 5:20 am

    […] appointment with him. His book is called ‘The Book of Undoing’ and its available from Fred’s website or from […]


  3. anuj
    April 7, 2019 @ 8:07 am

    Dear Fred,

    I recently came across Atmanand jis teachings. I am blown away. I need help. I am looking for his books Atman Darshan and Nirvriti. Tried everywhere could you pls let me know how to get the copies of those books?

    I would really appreciate guidance…thanks



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