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  1. Mike Zerbel
    October 12, 2016 @ 6:41 pm

    Wow, how great to be able to repeat this (repetition – the Mother of Clarity) at the pace of reading. Thank you so much Hannah. (And when I miss words or the internet breaks up, now I can relax more knowing I can catch it later. Helps me not tempt myself with the “that shouldn’t be happening” frustration – wink, wink!).

    So now I’m doing a 5 minute day-start meditation. This was so great to read just before. So today’s continued with the theme of being awake to any reservations. It occurred to me that every thought was a reservation, but not so much a resistance because Awakeness’ desire to know itself is experiencing its Willingness already – in this funny story of a character learning about willingness. Thanks for that “distinctive” concept Fred.

    And the funnel concept was so relaxing. To conceive of all these reservations as really just small, and just looming large because I’m looking from the small side of the opening. And letting all that Space above flow through by maybe just poking dents in the blockage (and probably just the dent of focusing on willingess!). And then the flow even dissolves the walls of the funnel.

    Thanks for the Help even to just poke that one little dent! Mike

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