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Gary Crowley, Associate Teacher, The Living Method 

It is with real gratitude and joy that I introduce Gary Crowley as an Associate Teacher with The Living Method of Awakening. He has a long history in nonduality.

Gary was the just 33rd person to ever be interviewed by Rick Archer at Buddha at the Gas Pump, back in August of 2010. He’s also the author of two very well-received books on the nondual experience, both of which are available on Amazon.

Gary is also well known as a highly skilled healer. His YouTube channel, which Gary started in 2012 offers free help for those in pain. Gary is a healing practitioner when he’s not busy being a spiritual guide.

For much of 2018 Gary trained extensively with Fred in the art of The Living Method of Spiritual Awakening. He surpassed Fred’s expectations. Gary is fully versed in, and deeply committed to this growing teaching. He is also a very nice, friendly, funny just-a-guy with a lot of humility. You may trust him implicitly. (More on Gary below.)


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GARY had his first conscious awakening in 2004, has been a student of Eastern wisdom for over 30 years, and a teacher since 2006.

It is Gary’s experience that intellectual understanding alone is not enough for the seeker to experience a conscious awakening. It is only the active experiential understanding of who you are NOT that will allow the seeker to consciously awaken to the active experiencing of who they ARE.

Thus, Gary’s book, “From Here To Here,” is grounded in assisting the seeker in active experiential understanding of nonduality to rapidly and profoundly shift their experiencing of Self.

BUT, it wasn’t until Gary came across Fred Davis and his “Living Method” that he finally saw how powerful a one-on-one direct inquiry session can be. With a teacher that knows how to purposefully drive and direct the active experiential understanding of the seeker, the spiritual breakthroughs can be remarkable.

While satsangs and other group events are wonderful and worthwhile for giving context to many spiritual questions, there is nothing quite like the one-on-one focus directed at the unique experiencing of an individual seeker.  And Gary feels like this is the “missing link” for most spiritual seekers in their quest for a conscious awakening.

And the fact that this is most often a pleasant journey for those seekers that undertake it makes it all the more appealing to Gary.

Gary’s book, “From Here To Here, Turning Toward Enlightenment,” is intended as a concise and devastating antidote to the vague and meandering texts on the topic enlightenment. The devastation is aimed at the “false self.”

Gary book, “Pass The Jelly, Tales of Ordinary Enlightenment,” while less precise than, “From Here To Here,” is intended to be a laugh out loud look at the human condition, while pointing toward nondual experiencing.

Gary lives in gratitude and amusement in Encinitas, California, USA.

Gary’s books: