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 Online Sunday Satsang!
2:00pm-4pm Eastern
Three Sundays Every Month
Even if we could do this on our own, who would want to?

For the people who already attend, Sunday Satsang is often the highlight
of their week, 
and it’s certainly the highlight of mine.
Find out what it’s like to be part of a presently awakening community,
and gain access to having your questions answered by a living, breathing teacher.
Getting a face-to-face teacher is the fastest way I know of to gain further clarity.
(It worked for me!)
How to Register for and Attend Meetings

The mechanics are simple. When you send your payment for one or more satsangs, we’ll confirm with you and put your name on a list for that date. 

We’ll be emailing a Zoom link about half an hour before the session. You simply click on the link, which will direct you to open a free, no-hassle account, and download a small free program. When that’s installed, it will automatically bring you straight to our virtual meeting room. It’s very, very simple. I’ve introduced Zoom to hundreds of people and there have been almost no problems.

If the email address you use with PayPal is not the same as the email you want me to use to send your Zoom link, please let me know right away. Otherwise your invitation will go to the address associated with PayPal.

If you pay for a satsang and then miss it, please consider it a donation. I simply can’t deal with all the email that exceptions require. Thanks for helping me keep it simple and inexpensive.


  • You will need a webcam and a microphone. Headsets are optional. If you just want to listen, there is a dial-in number for telephone access.
  • Please go to and download Zoom. It’s a quick download and easy installation, it’s free, and it’s very, very easy to use. You’ll need to open up a FREE account simply using your email address. Make sure the email address you use for Zoom is the same as the one you use for PayPal, or alert me to the discrepancy.
  • Half an hour prior to the official start of the session, you’ll get an email from us that contains a link. Click on that link, and Zoom will automatically bring you into the meeting. If you are given a choice of how to join the meeting, take the choice that offers video


Clicking on the price lines below or the PayPal icon underneath them will allow you to enter any amount, and purchase any or all of the meetings or recordings. Simply click on the link and it will take you to a special AwakeningClarityNow/PayPal site. You can pay with any credit card. If you want to send me a check, that’s just fine, just write me well ahead of time for an address.

For those who purchase multiple meetings: you need only register once per month–I’ll put you on each week’s list. Deadline to register for individual meetings is 11:00 Eastern Time on the day of the meeting. If you pay for a meeting and miss it, please consider it a donation to the teaching.

This may sound complicated, but the entire registration process is actually quite quick and easy. People who have never before used a webcam have had easy success with both Zoom and the payment process. Every satsang regular attended their first meeting sometime, and you will be welcomed by all. It’s the high point of my week, and it’s the same for all of us.

Satsang regulars also have an email list you can join to send and receive mail to or from the group during the week. This is truly a community. Contact Mike Zerbel at to get on the list once you’ve registered. There is never a better time to start than now. Find out about satsang recordings below. If you pay to attend, you’ll automatically be sent a link to the recording at no additional charge.

For members of the Continuing Students Program,
satsang is already covered in your monthly fees.
CSP consists is currently full, but if you’d like to be put on a waiting list, please let us know.

1 Meeting      $25

  2 Meetings     $50

 3 Meetings     $65


You can also view recordings.

Get the link and password to the video recordings of Sunday Satsang
delivered via email within 48 hours of the meeting. Meetings are hosted by Vimeo.
Single week’s video link $10

10 weeks of video links $85

20 weeks of recordings $150

paypal_logo 250 C

Stuff happens, and once in a great while there’s a technical snafu and the video doesn’t work out. The recording is a bonus for all of those who have purchased a ticket for the live satsang, but they’re guaranteed only to those who’ve paid separately for the link and recording, as shown below. If we screw up, we’ll credit you.

Some of these satsang recordings may be repurposed, for a fee, to help other spiritual adherents, and clips may also be shown on YouTube or other media. If you attend, you are granting us permission to be recorded, so if you would prefer to remain anonymous, please cut your camera off before entering the virtual room.
If you have any questions, you can email us directly at