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Dear Fred,

I read your book, Awaken NOW: The Living Method of Spiritual Awakening, in one sitting. The experience was mind blowing where an actual shift took place. There is only Oneness, there is only Consciousness, there is only Living Space, it can’t be unseen, it can’t be undone. That is the only constant. It’s so obvious and so present. The body is in the I AMNESS. I am 63 and all this was on the intellectual side before. Now it’s in my face so obvious experientially. Thousandfold of gratitude for this moment, to YOU!

Thank you.


January 5, 2024

(In response to the Awakeness, Consciousness, and Manifestation video)

This is the best explanation of manifestation I’ve ever heard. Simple and the point. I would like to hear more, yet, this simple truth needs no additions. Thank you. 🙏 

December 20, 2023

(Following Sunday Satsang)

Hi Fred,

It was a special moment yesterday afternoon 😇

Thank you so much 🙏

Greetings to Betsy as well 🙂

Best regards,


December 3, 2023



Your books are among the best. Very clear. Simple but deep. Good job Fred Davis. Or whoever you are.

David C.

November 2023


Thank you. My heart is full of gratitude and love for Fred. He was the first to speak the truth of our time here in this place, and the freedom he teaches has no end, and it brings joy and abundance. All I can say is Thank You.

October 2023



The Fred unit is arguably the clearest, most coherent, voice of non duality in the world. Keep up the great work, Fred!

September 2023


Fred!! I’ve been listening and reading a tons of books about advaita vedanta/non duality philosophy. But then I discovered you years ago and read your books and listened to your talks. I can say you are the only one who help me understand who I am and the nature of reality. Take care of your self. Big thanks to you. Greetings from Jorge from Argentina. 

September 2023


Hi Fred,

I am so grateful and excited for the opportunity to participate in Skillful Means!

I have been immersed in your books, audios, and YouTube videos for the last few months.

The Book of Undoing and Awaken NOW have been incredibly impactful for me.

I am currently diving into The Book of Unveiling, Beyond Recovery, and The Book of Nothing.

I discovered your work through The Finders Courses.

As I am sure you have heard from many, many people, I have read, practiced, watched, and participated in so many different spiritual teachings, which have all been wonderful and contributed to where I am at this point.

I am incredibly appreciative for the connection and strong pull I have towards your teachings.

I am very much looking forward to hearing from Betsy and cannot wait for Skillful Means!

Tremendous gratitude,

Angie Currie (or as I often refer to myself now, “Angness”). 🙏

April 2023


So I finally got to talk to the “Wake Up Master”, Fred Davis! If you are tired of the lengthy Path, weary of the endless Search, then it’s time to schedule a session. Your excuses not to, are the final barrier to Freedom.  I read most of his books and watched his YouTube videos, but talking to him did the trick. Amid the countless questions he led me through, he finally asked the magic one! I finally saw what I always “knew”, but kept on missing: I have always been Awake, but Brendan never was and never could be, nor ever would be. What Is left; never wasn’t, Always Is.

Don’t believe me, See for Your Self! Thank you, Fred.
Brendan Ryan

Dear Fred,

Thank you!!! After decades of self inquiry…. and not getting anywhere…. I listed to your 20 minute video and I got It!!! It is so obvious!! That is/was easy to miss!! Thank you!! Jajajaja!! I can’t stop laughing for two days!!!

Cynthia Petersen (or not…)
From Tulum, Mexico




Hello Fred!

I want to thank you again for the Awakening session! I have been doing really well!
I continue to watch your videos and read your books – getting involved as you pointed out in one of your talks.

The best thing for me to switch over to the other side of the ying yang symbol has been seeing that there is no Cindy. That provides me with an immediate shift. Its kind-of interesting. One would think that the experience would be very neutral. It certainly is expansive. But things continue to progress. I get an immediate happy when I acknowledge that I am not this thing called Cindy. Don’t know why. Don’t care. Even though I have been a seeker most of my life and have experienced extraordinary things that are some of those firework events you have talked about in your book, I have not been a happy person! It is the effect of the conditions I have also experienced that have  not been so pleasant and those things regardless of how one might want to deny their impact, can have a cumulative effect on the brain and the body to the point where just getting happy is not something that happens very often!  That is from a unit perspective.

So wanted to share with you as well an epiphany that happened last night, and these are getting more frequent. They are subtle and they usually come when I am not in the best place. Because I know there is a difference, it is a reminder. So last night I had gone to bed with the beginnings of a cold which made me pretty snotty so I took a cold tablet and had gone to bed early. I normally do not take over the counter meds, so I am pretty sensitive, and cold tablets have the effect of ramping up your brain so that you are think think thinking.. Sort of like turning on the spigot!
I thought “Crap.. I am going to be up all night in my head!!!” Then this thought occurred.
“If there really was a Cindy – wouldn’t you just be able to turn it all off?” Holy Crap! At that point there was an immediate ceasing of all of the chatter. IF THERE WAS A CINDY.. CINDY WOULD HAVE FIXED ALL OF THIS!!!. Laughs!  And of course the extrapolation from that is like bubbles pop pop popping

Anyways, hope you don’t mind my writing the experience. That balloon you talked about in our session with all of the pieces and parts that float around making up something that we may want to call Cindy has sprung a leak!

Best Regards and Love,
Your Student,


PS: You can certainly post this! Again thank you for letting me share the experience!
You say it all of the time, and I know that awakening can certainly happen without your sessions, but the awakening session for me has made all the difference in the world!!!


I really enjoyed our Living Method session on Monday. After 16 years of seminars and reading everything I could find on Amazon, I decided to “just have fun” talking with you without taking it all so seriously for once. 

You are so very funny, and you gave me some of the best pointers I’ve had in years. What really surprised me was how effective your method is. You told me at the beginning that the “tea bag” was in and was steeping. The clarity of seeing just snuck up on me not only during our session but afterward as well. I spent the afternoon feeling incredibly peaceful in a crowded supermarket thinking, “What the heck? This stuff really worked! OMG!! It worked!”
I didn’t realize it until that evening, but you cut right to the chase of what was still hanging this whole process up for me. It’s like I was standing in the middle of the street narrating the whole nonduality experience to myself, and you tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Who are you talking to?” That’s how it felt anyway.
I am also going back over the Void exercise. I suddenly realized it doesn’t matter whether I think I’m wearing a human body or an entire universe. It’s the same illusion.
Your humor and honesty made talking with you a true pleasure.
Thanks again for a wonderful session.

Hi Fred, I want to thank you again for the session we had on Friday July 31. The value for me wasn’t so much in what was said, but in the energy transmission.  After the session, I drove back home and hit traffic. I never before experienced being so absolutely content to just be present while in a situation  that would normally trigger some less than ideal responses in me.  This past weekend, while taking a walk with a friend, we sat down by the Charles River here in Boston, and I fell so deeply into an expansive sense of being that she caught it.  For the next hour we were walking around Boston in that “in the world but not of the world” feeling.  To remind you, I am a psychologist and over the years have led many meditation groups, mostly for the clients in my practice.  Here is my flyer for the group I’ll be starting this week.  Thanks again and talk to you when it feels right.


 Hi  Fred,

 I got so much out of our meeting yesterday.  Your toothache story was miraculous. Smoke and mirrors. Anything can happen. And if conventional reality plods along as expected (I still have pelvic bone pain today), that is a miracle too – just not one that happens to coincide with my ego’s desires.  But my true Self is thrilled with what is.
But an unconventional, ego gratifying miracle did happen today.  Enso the cat has developed raw spots on his paws and face from steroid residue from his inhaled medication.  Last night I dreamed the condition had spread all over his chest as well.  Waking from the dream, his chest was fine.  A miracle healing.  Waking up, which took all of five seconds, cured Enso of his chest dermatitis.  The dream sores were real, the healing was real, but all of it was within a greater dream, and not real.   
So thank you for shifting me out of conventional thinking (which is such a torment), and into a parallel reality where there is only the miraculous here and now unfolding.
As always, no need to respond to this.  It helps me to articulate these insights and share them with you.  But you are BUSY, helping people to awaken, and I don’t want to tax the Fred unit’s limited energy.  So thank you simply for reading.

RECENTLY, I HAD A DIRECT POINTING SESSION WITH FRED DAVIS. Prior to that, I spent many years reading and studying everything from Buddhism to Tolle. And while study and experience provided a few awakening glimpses, it didn’t prove to be permanent.

Not too surprising, considering that we’ve spent our lives believing that life is what it appears to be, and that we exist in it as separate human beings. But it also appears that more and more of us have begun a process of questioning what the truth is, what life is, and who we really are.

We can search for decades, and even think we’ve reached an intellectual understanding, but we unknowingly stop ourselves from finding the answers we seek by waiting for something outside ourselves to happen, some event or experience that will bring enlightenment. The truth is, what keeps us from enlightenment is our belief that we’re not there yet. We’re on an endless search for something unfindable, because we’ve simply been looking in the wrong place.

But we can do whatever we want. We can read everything we can find, meditate or chant for 20 years, or suffer until we just can’t do it anymore. And continue to wait for some future event of enlightenment. But if none of the books, seminars, or disciplines have awakened you, and you want to have that experience, then I might suggest a shortcut. Have an Awakening Session with Fred Davis.

It’s not so much that Fred wakes you up, or gives you that last piece of information you think will complete your understanding. Fred simply looks to, and guides you to, direct experience. He does this by leading you to answers that you are ready to give yourself, by helping you remove what we are not and seeing what remains, and by stripping away all else that is false until only what is true is left. Not that your journey is over, but once you see the truth, you can’t not see it.

Amazingly, it takes about two hours of Fred’s effective guidance for you to see through what is not true, to see what you are, and see that you are already awake. And when that happens, you find that you are already at the destination you sought, that you are actually what you have been seeking, and that you were in fact already home.

Robert Sandman, Houston, Texas


Hi Fred,

Good morning!
A few weeks ago Pamela Wilson held a retreat 1/2 hour drive from my home. I did not know of her and was introduced thru the Adya meditation group I sometimes attend and I went as a day commuter and engaged with her and the underlying current of attention and light shone on victim.  And there  you/your words/ were in the background of being. – felt very supported and blessed.

I am sitting in a beautiful back garden of a B & B in Victoria on the Island and will soon be going to see Gangaji – she is holding a Sat/Sun retreat have read her books on my journey and look forward to being in her company . Scott Kiloby will be in Metchosin on the Island I believe in November and if all goes well it will be my 3rd time seeing him here at Metchosin. Lovely connection with him.

And ever thus your words and laughter ring in my ears – reading Beyond Recovery and the chapter is on Integrity.  The lady who owns the B and B is also an intuitive – who knew? As the choice was made to stay here. Flowing in and betwixt so called spiritual and everyday  doins and each taking up their supposed space in time and place et al.

Much love,


Thank you for so clearly guiding me home this morning; and while it feels a little bit like a TV set flipping spontaneously back and forth between two channels, there is now a strong sense of dissonance while experiencing the one that’s more habitualized.

Really looking forward to connecting again…

With love and deep gratitude,
L. (aka pink wiggly thing 🙂

Looking forward to connecting again.


I’ve been on a long journey of seeking, and certainly not devoid of struggle and suffering, clawing my way. I had recently read several books about enlightenment, consciousness, mindfulness, awakening, well you name it, I read it, workshopped it, You Tubed it. When searching for the next book out of a list of hundreds, what got picked, The Book of Unknowing by a Fred Davis.

Fred has a unique, playful, accessible way of awakening a wide diverse range of people like myself. He dissolves all untruths. He goes right to the heart of the matter with clarity and compassion. I can tell you without a doubt, what Fred does during an Awaking Session, IT WORKS!!! In two hours or less? YES!  I can truly say for the first time I experienced a profound, deep gratitude for Everything, Life. I can not describe in words my sense of awakening. Thank you Fred, your passion, heart and love are truly genuine.

~Barb, Seattle Washington, July 2015


Hi, Fred! Well the last time we exchanged e-mails-this person I call Sharon-went through a period of terror-and then the light of awareness came flowing through ! I haven’t left the now- the answer you asked was-am I ready to tell the truth? Well just by allowing that question to soak in- out came- I AM the ONE SELF-and I can’t stop laughing! 



Hi Fred,

Just wanted to touch base with you today, and tell you I am incredibly grateful to you for the awakening session yesterday. I DO feel I got a lot out of it, and I liked the word you used ‘percolate’, because I definitely have that sense this is happening even now!
I woke up super early, and did an hour of vipassana, and had an unprecedented experience, which I can only imagine as kundalini? It was like a small earthquake happened within!  I saw my mind getting afraid, but it was like I was an observer to that, and not really affected by it. Then it passed, and nothing was different. Just an experience of impermanence.
I’m going to continue looking through your videos – I’ve looked through several, now. I really appreciate your genuineness / straight talk / humour / humility / sincerity / wisdom. The Fred unit is a stellar teacher!!
Warm regards,
Chris (unit)
British Columbia, Canada


From the endless realms of the heart that we share, I offer my gratitude and love.

I am basking in the joy of what is! And the universe even arranged that I would have a night without funny teen-age antics so that I can just be, imagine that!

Thank you for your profoundly honest sharing and for being so aware of the mechanics of the mind so that you can work your art so seamlessly. That’s what you are…a mind mechanic! It’s amazing that not too many things need adjustment, or so it seems :)

Blessings to you and your sweet wife for her role in all of this…the feminine can recognize the subtleties of the feminine’s important part. I just want to acknowledge that.

In love and laughter (so great sharing those ripples that wanted to roll out with you!)

~Susan Burleigh, Madison, Connecticut



Just wanted to thank you once again for our meeting today. After we hung up, I looked over at my copy of the Tao Te Ching, opened it up, and for the first time actually enjoyed reading it.  The recognition that I held in my hands a book of many beautiful ways of saying the same thing about that which we are, just made me smile.  Your guidance was divine, a word I have never used in conversation before, but really all that comes up in reflection about our session is the truth of our existence shining through Fred in a wonderfully fluid and authentic way.  A way that instantly put me at ease.  A way that opened up the possibility for complete vulnerability to express itself.  A way that ultimately led to the simple noticing the fullness, the emptiness, the totality of this as it is.  It was so difficult to produce any words at the end of our session, but I’m grateful they’re here now to say thank you again.  From me to me, from me to you, from you to you, a huge hug of humbled gratitude and love.
Looking forward to keeping in touch,
John, Chicago, IL
 P.S. If you ever are in need of new or additional testimonials/reviews, please feel free to use any of this message in any way that may be helpful to you. I can’t thank you enough…clearly! 😀


Thank you SO Much for the amazing time today. I am just laughing and giggling inside and feeling absolutely amazing.. and I want to share with you what my wonderful husband just asked me! “Hey hon! – Are you going to have another session with that guy or is ONE enough!” Heeeheee. I am still laughing at that. 
There are just no words or language to express this, but as close as I can get, your session is absolutely oneness talking to oneness!  
Thank you for so skillfully showing me the choice I have always had. 
Love and ALL the best,
Will be keeping up with you in your books and videos.
Hi, Fred. There’s still an inescapable awakening here thanks to our Skype chat. I deeply thank you for that.


~Julz Styler,
Worcestershire, England

It has been nearly two years since my Skype with you Fred and thanks to your pointing. I am living the awakened life, it never ends as it becomes more embodied.


Best Wishes.


Dear Fred,

I am eternally grateful for the insight today. As much as I have read about “Oneness”, nothing amounts to a glimpse of experiencing  it directly with open and blissful heart. I am feeling immense love and bliss after our session today.
Fred can you please suggest how can I use my new understanding in my daily life?  Also can you please suggest some books, websites, or any resources that will help me deepen my new understanding of my true nature?
Thank you for everything.
 Bliss & Love,
Oneness pretending to be Mohanad 🙂
Saudi Arabia
Dear Fredness,

I just read and enjoyed your most recent post, along with the Attention Practice—I’m very happy to be on your email list, and I’ve now watched many of your videos !!  I’ve been writing a letter to you in my head for the last couple weeks, but didn’t know how I would put some of it into words…so here goes…

First an update on the body.  I had the first chemo on 9/3, and for about a week, I felt achey and headachy and very tired.  But it wasn’t so bad.  Now I feel pretty much the way I did before !!  The next one is on 9/24.  I see Crosby, Stills, and Nash at Redrocks the night before, and that stands out more !!!

So in these weeks since we talked, several awakenings have occurred, usually after reading something in your books, or getting one of your short but powerful emails. watching you on You Tube,  or re-reading one of my many books—Rupert Spira is my favorite right now.  It’s fun to find which of my books support the new impulse toward clearing, after having read all of these books all these years looking for awakening.  The search has definitely shifted which is  great relief.

Jane is much less prominent than she used to be.  Tho she still sneaks up on me in my many moments of unconsciousness.  Having to cut off all my hair, i.e..  the buzz I now have in preparation for all of it falling out, is REALLY serving to disappear Jane even more, as I change from what I thought was an attractive woman, to just a FACE!!!  I’ve been told I look like a trendy French woman and also that I look like a dike !!  Rather than taking on a new identity as a trendy French dike, I’m just allowing the shock of losing my mask to allow Jane to further recede.  I am an open aliveness—that’s it !!

I have several experiences of awakeness which makes me wonder—and I want to share this with you in our next clarity session which I will schedule soon.  A few times, I’ve been almost as clear as our awakening session, where I see that I am That, and that I don’t have a clue what that is, and that my body within and without appear, along with the world, within this Whatever that I am.  But I found myself “working” for that as an experience, which was creating a lot of stress and discouragement.  I wanted to find the Awakeness that is simply here without trying so hard to get clearer, and realizing I had an image and a bunch of thought about what that was.  I’ve discovered that there is another direct experience available when I switch from thinking to being.  This happens easily when I simply allow myself to rest as awareness.  I don’t know anything, except there is a softening and a receiving of what is that is gentle and luscious and always available.  It is a Jane free moment when I Am and What Is Is—(this is very hard to put into words)  but the point is that I don’t really know anything about Oneness or separation of anything, nor do I care….Yet is this really awakening?????  Yes, it is Jane that is asking.

Also there are many times when my resolve to LIVE FULLY AS WHAT I REALLY AM is so strong that it catapults me into simple awake aliveness no matter what I’m doing or not, and I’m simply happy to be experiencing it all !!   Another kind of awakenness that is a little different than our session.  I also know nothing at these times, and the Jane I thought I was is irrelevant as this real expression comes forth!!  This is the strength that the gift of cancer has given, allowing me to even enjoy not having hair !!!   And my unhappy patterns often show right up, and either disappear as I see them, or not—and then I allow them as I shift to direct experience of them rather than thought.  Just as I’m determined not to allow these patterns to ruin my life, I’m also determined not to allow an image of awakeness to trigger a big comparison and a “should” of how to be….

So who knows.   My last chemo is 11/6 and I hope your next retreat is after that because I’M COMING !!!!   I’ll be in touch soon for our next round of clarity sessions…



 Hi Fred,

I am a missioner working with the poor in [a country in Central America, Ed.]. It’s not a ministry of proselytizing or conversion; simply presence and service. Two days ago, I went to the BATGAP site to find an interview to listen to as I fell asleep.  I went to the index and somewhat randomly picked your interview with Rick. As expected, I fell asleep shortly into the interview.

However, something I heard while I was drifting off must have resonated with me, because after I woke up yesterday I went to your website and then, without thought, bought “The Book of Undoing” Kindle edition. I asked my wife to protect me from the kids for a while so I could read chapters 2.3.4 together as you suggested. As I started to read, I questioned my decision to buy the book.

Fast forward 24 hours: it worked! It freakin’ worked! After years of pouring over “I Am That”, Ramana’s teachings, Robert Adams, Tony DeMello, etc. I finally saw it.  Hahaha!  Looking back, it was all there in those teachings, but I couldn’t quite see it!  I am still drifting in and out, but I’m OK with that! I don’t know why it worked, but unlike other times when I thought I “got it”, this time there’s no doubt. 

Thanks for writing the book. I could never afford one of your sessions, so I feel like I made out like a bandit! Who would of thought a guy in South Carolina would be the one to wake me up?! 


Pete Francis
Long Island, NY (Hometown)

Dear Fred – thank you so much for our time together. 
I loved how the session built upon each level of seeing, to be finally so comprehensive.  I notice this morning that the world appears the same, and that I have to ask myself the question “is there really a difference between the seeing and the seen” to shift my perception to that unified view.  This is not a problem, I am just noticing that I imagined awakening to be a “no more effort is required” thing! 
I certainly want to be alert and to watch the habit of belief in “Michelle” as it arises, just for the opportunity to continue seeing through. I’m going to work today so no doubt I will have lots of opportunities for that.
Anyway, feeling lots of gratitude for our time together.  What a fun job you have!  
With love, Michelle
Hey Fred,
Thank you. I’m still dumbstruck. Thank you for your three-year-old logic: “Have you ever experienced a fourth spatial dimension?” Ha! Why was that not obvious before?! Because it wasn’t!
So anyway, here’s a testimonial from Oneness:
I thought that there was nothing a teacher could say to me that I had not already read, and as all that I had read had failed to wake me up, a teacher wouldn’t help. I was wrong. I woke up with Fred and laughed a lot too! If you’re reading this wondering whether it’s real, and worth it: it is.
Again, thank you.
Matthew E.
 I don’t know how this waking up happens but I feel I have a clue about how it is not maintained and that is basically getting lost in the mind of thoughts and fantasies, defenses and resistance.  Also, there is something here that feels the only way it knows how to relate to people is through personality and the mind.  Even though it is through people that there is an energetic quickening that can happen when I am around someone who is awake; through words and images produced by someone who is awake; and/or someone going through the dying process. Also, just sitting by myself or in nature.  Like a candle that is lit and then goes out, and then lit again, and again, and again.  Who knows when and how or if the candle will be lit permanently.  Today with you and the weekend in Asheville the energetic experience goes through a process that ends up in strong bodily contractions.  You talked briefly about the 3 types of Karma and what seems to be happening through your teaching is working on the second type of karma, if I understood you correctly.  The theme on the micro level totally parallels what is happening on a macro level…what feels like a struggle between the personal and something more (reality).  The conditioning in this unit seems very strong and old and hard.  I have a deep respect for its hold.

What I appreciate about our time today was that you are very honest about the process and how you work with others.  I appreciated your being up front and not putting any mysticism, sacredness, specialness, not quite sure what words to use. Even though there might be a sense of all that (I suppose like the dog in the yard) your approach is just plain and simple and direct, no frills, no pulp, just tastes of reality.  Your genuineness and sincerity for  what you do is very evident.  There is no doubt here that this is a calling for  you and even though being paid and your efforts in getting the word out is part of it, it is not what is driving this.  I find the way your teaching is set up is extremely honest and even though it might not be for everyone, what you are doing is not for everyone.

Your pointing today, as in Asheville, was very clear.  Even though much of it was the same pointing it felt like it went deeper this time.  I noticed a lot more resistance on the drive home.  For some reason the women you told me about who showed up at your door already awake left an impression.  How do we know when we are awake and if we are awake and don’t know it, what does that mean?  You have eyes and can’t see?  Or you can see and don’t know it?  More on a concrete level of what transpired today was looking through the camera, looking at the statue and things that I know were happening that I couldn’t/can’t express.  Even though there is an “I” here that on some level believes it is doing something… what you showed me was that it is just included in this field…like the statue.  Still not sure about the distance thing.

This is probably enough for now.  Thank you for being so generous with  your time today…it was wonderful.  What a gift.

Love and blessings,
Kay, Charlotte, NC


Dear Fred,

I want to thank you for such a wonderful Awakening Session last week.
The ability to be able to see myself as a player on the world’s stage, within the awareness of all that is, without limitations of time and space, conquered my fear of death and the unknown.
This is a huge step in awakening for me and the end of my seeking at long last…calm abiding!
I now understand why you laugh so much – because of the absurdity of it all.
I have not laughed so much for ages and the humour is still with me.
Oh yes, I recognise that it comes and goes…and this is how it is too…thoughts arising from within the form is emptiness and emptiness is form.

Thanks a million, Fred.

In gratitude from the Pete unit!


My Dearest Fred,

A note about the weekend … [Asheville workshop weekend, ed.]

It’ll be a year ago September that we met, and the depth/breadth of clarity exponentially continues. The camouflage of person-hood melts away, no matter the disposition of this character. She literally no longer has any say in the matter! The surface of thought continually becomes quieter and sometimes non-existent, and, in that quiet presence, Love looks through this person and reveals Itself as whatever is being seen. Never in a million years could I have imagined the joy in this, the freedom in this, the calm in this, the okayness in this seeing of what is.

Relative and Absolute have no meaning any more. The stripes on the Zebra are MY stripes(lessness), unrecognizable as distinguishing marks separated by notions of acquisition and repulsion. I have said and many say “I Am That,” only hoping to be THAT. Now “I Am That” has disappeared into the wilderness of THIS, arising as both awkwardness and harmony, suffering and joy, thought and peace, emotion and sensation.

The joys of being human can now be experienced without reluctance or a need for more. Precious are the days of right and wrong, good and bad, for they CAN BE and are given a home IN THIS PRESENCE! This HOME can only be room for loving what is. So now I can say that I Am Room for Loving, and, clearly, that’s not true either.

Thank you, MY-SELF-FRED, for the pure luxury of seeing from THIS that I call Love.

I love you,

Georgette, Asheville, NC



I’ve had the good fortune to attend two “Awakening” & two “Clarity” sessions with Fred.  The first set was one on one, and most recent was with a group of over a dozen people.  In all four, Fred skillfully took me on a journey that showed who I am.  When that seeing happens, even for one minute, it sets off a new dynamic of un-doing. The most recent Awakening session left no room for doubt or longing, I don’t care if I see clearly or not.  The Knowing of who I am is indisputable so it’s easier when the clouds form.  Abiding and Non-abiding may be a dualistic concept.  Now I can begin to Love what is when it’s clear or cloudy. 


Barbara, Fairfield, NC


Friedrich Roelli is a friend and client of mine who lives in Colombia, South America. Friedrich first contacted me last October. He wanted to have an Awakening Session followed by a series of Clarity Sessions, which we have now completed.

Friedrich is an interesting guy. He’s very smart and very funny–he used to be a robust mountain climber. Thirty-five years ago he had a climbing accident that left a couple of vertebrae crushed. He is now quadriplegic, confined to bed. Six years ago other complications set in as well–this condition affects you throughout your body in ways you would not expect or imagine. I’ve gotten an education from both Friedrich and the excellent 2011 movie The Intouchables.

To go from living on the edge to living in a bed is a hell of a move. I believe that, however hard we might try, such a situation is unimaginable to those who aren’t in it. Like me and many of my clients, Friedrich turned to Nonduality to find a way “out.” Friedrich, however, had a story none of the rest of us could touch. His condition was not only the cause of his highly restricted life but also the blockade to his awakening. It’s almost too tragic a situation to surrender to.


Our Awakening Session was a difficult one. We went long–staying in inquiry and investigation for three hours straight. I just couldn’t give up on the guy. I’ve never had a client that I was so passionate about helping to awaken. I was tough with Friedrich, very tough. I had no choice–it was compassion in action, even if it didn’t look like it. If I sided with his story about his condition, then I would be of no use to him. I had to stand with my feet firmly planted in truth and try to pull him up there with me. And in the end, finally, we got there.

Friedrich was clear as a bell with me for about half an hour as I helped him orient to this new reality. He could see things as they were, and see that What Is is, and that there are no alternatives to What Is–until there are–but that will be a fresh arising. Every arising has its opportunities At the end of the session, we were both completely exhausted (I stayed that way all that day and all of the next), so we said goodbye, whipped but happy. It’s no stretch to say that I was absolutely thrilled. About a week later I got an email from Friedrich, and it was obvious that he had clouded considerably since our session. Clouding happens to people who have a whole lot less story to surrender to than Friedrich did, so I should have expected it. Still, my thrill disappeared, and my ego was deflated.

The problem, you see, is that Friedrich could either view his condition as a huge mistake, or he could be awake, but he couldn’t be both at the same time. For Friedrich, the price of living in awakeness, of living as Awakeness itself, was acceptance of his bleak human circumstances. On one level that’s the case for all of us, but clearly his level of surrender was going to have to go deep, deep down–and stay there. It’s too sticky a story to expect to have it drop away in a session or two. It is a hell of a lot to ask a guy to give up, but I did so anyway–in no uncertain terms, again and again and again.

Our Clarity Sessions were as difficult as our Awakening Session. We’d make progress, then slide back, then make some more progress–only to slide back again. I wondered if “being right about this being wrong” was just too much for Friedrich to give up. I need wonder no more. About ten days ago I got the email I’m printing here. I got Friedrich’s permission to print it. Folks, if he can do it, we can do it.

Dear Friend!

As promised, here is my official and authenticated testimony that I am beautifully fine!

As a matter of fact, the “little tantrum” I experienced on our last chat, was actually my last one!

How did I got so wonderfully lucky to have beautiful you in my life!

And, how does it get any better than this?! [Editor’s emphasis.]

I just thought that you would love to know this!

Big Hug

Love & Peace





Greetings Fred,

I want to express my gratitude to you for the great teaching yesterday. The last time I spent time with you was in a Clarity Workshop. It was a profound awakening experience filled with lots of body sensations and visual phenomena. The result was a loosening up of egoic structures, a dissolving of identifications. My experience yesterday in the Awakening Workshop was also very powerful and was quite different.

I see that the first half of the workshop was a building of energy, creating a momentum that moved me up to the peak of my understanding. And then you gently tipped me over the top of that peak and I fell into a place of crystal clear awareness of who I am. It was subtle and gentle, yet filled with a solid sense of knowing what is real. After the workshop, I went on with my day as planned, knowing that I will probably not ever see my “self” quite the same again. There is only joy in that.

Sending blessings of peace and ease until we meet again,



Dear Fred,

I guess I don’t have the words to express this deep gratitude for the gift of yesterday’s session. The relief of coming home is huge, and everything right down to my toes says Thank-you!!

Bye for now,

Joyce F. xxoo


Dear Fred,

So grateful for you and your work–thank you.

Words are hard for me to find to describe my experience of yesterday.

I have to share with you tho that I am in a deep state of peace and a sense of non-duality if you know what I mean.  

That’s the only way I can describe this.  

Always love,  



Hello Fred,

I am astonished at how your guided story of what we are not, and then your guided story of what we are, with all of the fabulous visuals, just carried me along to this “oneness.”  I have had a sense of ‘witnessing’ and ‘presence’ before the online workshop, and now I am in the soup, I am the soup, and all is oneness.  I also love that I saw, felt, noticed the shift as a point in time during the call.

I am also loving how parts of your numerous examples spoke directly to me and my history.  Being one of many on the call, I am sure that you spontaneously and intuitively spoke to each individual person’s history.  This format is very effective for multiplying the results of your work, and the group consciousness was palpably supporting the outcome as well.  

Thank you Fred for allowing this to happen.

Love, love, 



Hi. This morning’s session is the clearest closest oneness of fredness/lananess that this grokked
Salmon baking in the oven, salad made
Gazing – water of varied colours, birds flying,  blue sky, white pouffy clouds, slight breeze

Thank You ????



Hey Fred,

Thank you. Fred and Oneness are easy to understand.

Angela has so often referred to pieces of the puzzle being searched for. The big aha for her was the baby noticing other….wow put the search in a nut shell and then it cracked open. Right now there are no words, maybe because it’s just before dawn or maybe Angela will never talk so much again.  

Lots of love and gratitude

Angela Meyer

I hear from Fred Davis that you are soon to be doing an interview with him, so I just wanted to let you know, (and I am happy for you to mention this is your interview) that yesterday I had a two hour Skype session with him where he put me through his unique ‘Living Method’ of enquiry. And I just wanted to tell you, Rick, that it was absolutely fantastic. It was the clearest way of directly pointing to the I AM of my Source that I have ever experienced. I think he is an amazing Teacher. I already felt that I was pretty well awakened and clear about who I AM NOT and somewhat clear about who I AM, but since his session I have huge clarity about who I AM.

Long-time British Nondual Teacher Mandi Solk writes to Rick Archer of BATGAP October 2013


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