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  1. Scott in Seattle
    November 12, 2014 @ 10:58 am

    Trying to get one’s head around non-duality or awakening can be a mind numbingly difficult task; after all, we are dealing with that which lies beyond our every day experience and, therefore, that which we can readily understand through language. Fred’s gift lies in his ability to hold your hand and take you step by step, specifically and unambiguously, into that which you are not as well as that which you are. Anyone can say “you are not your body and mind” or “you are the ocean from which the wave of your being arises” but Fred doesn’t take refuge in metaphors or concepts. Now, my mind is stubborn and often dictatorial but Fred, in his wisdom, put a check mate on my mind. Even as my mind rose up and said “Yeah, but…”, Fred was patient and clear, showing me (not telling me) the ground of my being and, simultaneously, the ground of all being.

    Whether your practice involves meditation, contemplation, inquiry, reading or whatever else helps along your path, Fred can only deepen the awareness. Unlike some non-duality figures these days, he reaches across the divide to meet you where you are instead of filling you with platitudes you’ll forget by the next cup of coffee. He is grounded, pragmatic, and understands that the ability to know our true self is as applicable and available to the monk in a cave as much as it is for the office building janitor. Before you go to India or drop thousands on an extended retreat, give Fred a try. I may be a seeker but I have no desire to remain one indefinitely. Fred’s sessions were a huge step to knowing, to the end of seeking, to residing in the place where questions no longer take hold. And there’s a good chance he’ll make you laugh along the way.

    • Fred Davis
      November 12, 2014 @ 11:56 am

      Thank you very much, Scott! I’m going to put this at the top of my Testimonials page. And I’ll be putting up your letter as a “Letter from the Field” later today. I’m truly grateful.

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