Dear Fred

I want to thank you for such a wonderful Awakening Session last week.

The ability to be able to see myself as a player on the world’s stage, within the awareness of all that is, without limitations of time and space, conquered my fear of death and the unknown.

This is a huge step in awakening for me and the end of my seeking at long last…calm abiding!

I now understand why you laugh so much – because of the absurdity of it all.

I have not laughed so much for ages and the humour is still with me.

Oh yes, I recognise that it comes and goes…and this is how it is too…thoughts arising from within the form is emptiness and emptiness is form.

Thanks a million, Fred.

In gratitude from the Pete unit!

Pete B., Australia


Recently, I had a direct-pointing Awakening Session with Fred Davis. Prior to that, I spent many years reading and studying everything from Buddhism to Tolle. And while study and experience provided a few awakening glimpses, it didn’t prove to be permanent.

Not too surprising, considering that we’ve spent our lives believing that life is what it appears to be, and that we exist in it as separate human beings. But it also appears that more and more of us have begun a process of questioning what the truth is, what life is, and who we really are.

We can search for decades, and even think we’ve reached an intellectual understanding, but we unknowingly stop ourselves from finding the answers we seek by waiting for something outside ourselves to happen, some event or experience that will bring enlightenment. The truth is, what keeps us from enlightenment is our belief that we’re not there yet. We’re on an endless search for something unfindable, because we’ve simply been looking in the wrong place.

But we can do whatever we want. We can read everything we can find, meditate or chant for 20 years, or suffer until we just can’t do it anymore. And continue to wait for some future event of enlightenment. But if none of the books, seminars, or disciplines have awakened you, and you want to have that experience, then I might suggest a shortcut. Have an Awakening Session with Fred Davis.

It’s not so much that Fred wakes you up, or gives you that last piece of information you think will complete your understanding. Fred simply looks to, and guides you to, direct experience. He does this by leading you to answers that you are ready to give yourself, by helping you remove what we are not and seeing what remains, and by stripping away all else that is false until only what is true is left. Not that your journey is over, but once you see the truth, you can’t not see it.

Amazingly, it takes about two hours of Fred’s effective guidance for you to see through what is not true, to see what you are, and see that you are already awake. And when that happens, you find that you are already at the destination you sought, that you are actually what you have been seeking, and that you were in fact already home.

~Robert Sandman, Houston, Texas



FRED MY FRIEND IN THE DIVINE COMEDY and announcer of the play itself!-
From the endless realms of the heart that we share, I offer my gratitude and love.

I am basking in the joy of what is! And the universe even arranged that I would have a night without funny teen-age antics so that I can just be, imagine that!

Thank you for your profoundly honest sharing and for being so aware of the mechanics of the mind so that you can work your art so seamlessly. That’s what you are…a mind mechanic! It’s amazing that not too many things need adjustment, or so it seems 🙂

Blessings to you and your sweet wife for her role in all of this…the feminine can recognize the subtleties of the feminine’s important part. I just want to acknowledge that.

In love and laughter (so great sharing those ripples that wanted to roll out with you!)

~Susan Burleigh, Madison, Connecticut




MORE EFFECTIVE THAN PSYCHOTHERAPY and it takes much less time. My entire life is re-framed in less than two hours!

So deep & so all-encompassing. An amazing, wonderful & fun experience. I’ve experienced nothing like this in 73 years. My unit thanks you so very much, Fred.

My very best to you,

~Bill Puett, Dahlonega, GA




FIRST, THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving of your time on Friday (my time!!) for our conversation together. At all times I felt in safe and loving hands. I cannot recall at what time you sensed that I had “got it” and I never had that “Oh my God” overwhelming feeling, but your floating me off the chair and taking things away until there was nothing more to take away, leaving just the body-less “me” and Being, the “I am”, was the lightbulb moment for me with the quiet realisation that “I am Being” and that all things thereafter were arising in me. To that point, while I had read that, it hadn’t resonated, wasn’t “owned”. With each “giving back” in your story, I saw with increasing clarity that every ‘thing” is an arising in that which I am. The final piece of the jig saw – at least, the final piece in this section of the jigsaw fell into place.

For that, more thanks than I can adequately express.

Mike Leahy, Orange New South Wales, Australia




I just wanted to say thanks for your initiation. I needed your help and got it. No fireworks, just like Layman Pang, an ordinary fellow…

When the mind is at peace,
the world too is at peace.
Nothing real, nothing absent.
Not holding on to reality,
not getting stuck in the void,
you are neither holy nor wise, just
an ordinary fellow who has completed his work.

-Hõ Un (aka P’ang Yun, or Layman Pang); 8th century China

Mark, New York



DEAR FRED, The teaching and the approach you use is so natural, simple and clear (certainly to me) that it is a living miracle. Two days after our session and that first ‘seeing’, I am still getting used to staying with That and not getting caught up with the older perspective. That is what you and others have been pointing out and it has been very useful to have that information. What I’m finding is that the sense of being is both subtle (in the background of activity) and at the same time solidly present behind all activity. It has been very useful to view your videos, especially those that deal with a post awakening state. It feels a bit like being a baby learning to take his first steps! At the same time, I know what I am, What Is and ‘what is not’. Let me also say that I felt safe and ‘at home’ during the session, experiencing a sense of joy and love, especially after realising that the world ‘out there’ is not separate from Me. I’m keen to stay in touch.

~Tony Crivelli, Canberra, Australia




HI, FRED.  Thank you so very much for our Direct Pointing session yesterday! It was so clear and powerful; you have such a gift for directing attention to what is luminously ever-present, and for not allowing the mind to wander in with its ‘But what about …?’ questions. Just what is Here and Now. Wow. And it was lovely to meet you, too!

~Colin Winborn, West Yorkshire, England




THANK YOU, FRED, I appreciate very much [what] you do, it was a most revealing extraordinary experience!

~Joo Tay Teck,




EVERYWHERE I GO, and every group person I see tells me that they were blown away by your talk*. We would love to have you back whenever you could come.
With love,
~Duke Warren,
Charleston, SC




HI, FRED, Just wanted to thank-you for yesterday’s session…..it was awesome! Sorry about the camera….I still have to figure out what was going on with that. But I was happy that I could see you (even if you couldn’t see me); it wouldn’t have been as entertaining!
Interestingly enough, there was an incident that happened last night that would have normally “triggered” “me” into feeling very very bad about myself. And it did actually trigger me, but only for a moment. I felt this bodily sensation, rising up within me, almost out of habit. And then something just said “what me? that’s not me” and that bodily sensation was gone. Like instantly! And what was left was just open space. It was quite remarkable. I’ve never had a bodily feeling dissipate so quickly before. It used to take a lot of talking myself down.
One of the most important things I think I took away from our session was the ability to stop seeing myself as a “seeker” and just feel myself as a “finder”. Because it’s here. This is it. Right here, right now. Nothing more and nothing less. No fancy words or expressions or catch-phrases. Just a genuine understanding that this is all there ever really is. And you took me to that place. Now I understand why you laugh so much. Everything else is ridiculous!
Thanks again, Fred!
With much love and gratitude,

~Phyllis Famiglietti,
New York City




HI FRED, I wanted to tell you that I had an incredible experience yesterday. All and I are experiencing the fluctuation. The cosmos story was……..I have no words to describe what it was to/for me. Putting the cosmos back in was profound. Thank you and I look forward to our next meeting.
~Gary Franks,
Charleston SC




DEAR FRED, I’m sorry it has taken a while for me to get back to you. Things are quiet I think things have got quite subtle here now and the shifts are not so dramatic. I do however feel that there has been a further clarification from our talk and the work we did together. I have looked at the first of the videos you recommended and that was good too. There seems to be a marked slowdown. Even before our talk I was noticing an absence of ‘hangover’ from emotional events. Ever since the awakening in 2011 the mind has gone back and forth ‘you got it’ – ‘you don’t got it’. Now I understand I always have it even when I don’t see it. It’s always there. ‘I’ come and go. Blah blah blah and other non dual platitudes. Nothing I can say really except I will keep in touch. I enjoy your teaching very much and I hope it reaches many people. I am an ex-bookseller by the way. I was a manager at Watkins Books, the oldest Esoteric bookshop in London, for a few years. Have you heard of them? Do you sell your book to them? If not, I’ll drop in and make sure they order a few. Once again many thanks and I hope we can talk again soon.
With love,

Tom Radcliffe,
London, England




HI, FRED, Many thanks again for our nice & deep session of this week. Definitely rich, fruitful & supporting in my process of seeing clear…
I am still so nourished from having realized I am without limit / boundaries, meaning there is no separation between “me” and the flower / the world… Only one, only that… Sense of Being / Awareness…
Thanks again & let’s keep in touch,
With Love,

~Yannick Jolliet,
Ticino, Switzerland




HI, FRED. There’s still an inescapable awakening here thanks to our Skype chat. I deeply thank you for that. Best,

~Julz Styler,
Worcestershire, England




FROM “EDNESS” TO “FREDNESS”: Dear Friend, Thank you so much for yesterday’s session! Seekers, you have reached the end of the line on Fred’s site. It’s your time to step out of your conveyance and get in touch with Fred to recognize your true Self. Fred is Non-Duality’s Socrates. His method works, and this unit highly recommends it! All the best!

~Ed-ness W,
Roswell, Georgia




HEY, FRED. Please feel free to use my name and/or location in any manner consistent with ‘passing it on’. A statement of today’s extraordinary occurrences is forthcoming within a couple of days. Yes!!!
Love and Peace,

~Don Bowman,
Forest Hills, New York




IT IS OUT OF A DEEP SENSE OF GRATITUDE and appreciation that I report my experience with Fred Davis’ words of clear and compassionate guidance, both written and verbal, as the gift that they are. After so many countless years of exhausting seeking forays into knowing my True Nature once and for all, it took Fred only a single phone conversation to cut through the knotted mass (mess) of concepts with his sharp sword of verbal pointers, gently nudging me back to what is true-Here and Now. With such enthusiastic kindness and heart, he consistently showed me how I subtly strayed into the many false concepts floating in my mind, thus stripping away those misidentifications that had tripped me up for decades. Fred is a gifted writer as well. His ability to articulate simply yet clearly is evidenced in every paragraph he writes. He’s somehow able to quickly zoom in on the essence of the message of who/what we really are, leaving little room for doubt about how he comes to know and live this for himself. He’s been through the trenches and has emerged a kind, compassionate and gifted guide to all who are ready and willing to stop and listen. Whether one chooses to avail themselves of his offerings in verbal or written form, I would highly recommend them all .With that gracious southern hospitality background of his, Fred will effortlessly guide you back to your heart’s true desire–to know yourself. I’m truly grateful that I didn’t miss the opportunity to spend some time with Fred.

~Melinda Cross,
Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts




HOW DOES ONE MEASURE the effect, or effectiveness, of a spiritual teacher? It’s a pretty difficult task and is, by nature, experiential and subjective. In my own case, I didn’t really know that I was a seeker, but I kept “coming back to the well”…wanting to know more, but somehow unable to really grasp or process the concepts that I so badly wanted to understand. And then Fred came back into my life. His council and his clear, passionate message actually made sense. Like a puzzle for which the elusive missing piece is suddenly found, all of the earlier info I’d accumulated started to fit together. He helped me begin my own private surrender, and for that, I will be eternally grateful. I would encourage anyone interested in moving forward with their journey to at least listen a bit to what Fred has to say. Whether through reading his writing or in a face-to-face setting, it is clear to me that he “gets it”…and his ability to communicate great truths to all levels of spiritual understanding is undeniable.

~Tammy Kelly,
Portland, Oregon




FROM THE FIRST TIME I MET FRED there was an attraction. He has always pointed me towards truth. I’m twice as big as Fred and he has no problem pointing at the truth–hard–as he often needs to with old Vince. Growing up with the problem of ‘trust no one,’ I have trusted him with all my secrets. Fred is a real piece of Love.

~Vince Reese,
Columbia, South Carolina




LUNCH WITH FRED WAS A BEAUTIFUL THING. Like me, Fred was passionate about awakening consciousness. The difference was, his was and mine wasn’t. Over a sandwich, Fred set out to change this. But by this time, I had been searching for many, many years, and was pretty skilled at not finding, so he had his work cut out for him. But he was prepared. Fred himself had once been the seeker, courageously honest with himself about his own tricks, so he was ready for the task at hand. I knew I could trust him. With great compassion and love, and with unwavering dedication, he thwarted my every turning away, bringing me back to this, now. Until suddenly and at long last, I knew. Tears of gratitude arose, quickly followed by peals of laughter at the absurd simplicity of it!

~Iliana Anderson,
Opotiki, New Zealand




FRED DAVIS GETS IT. His admonition is reflective of his single pointedness and intention–his ground rules for lunch, “I’m not here to discuss the weather, sports, or find a new friend. I’m interested in waking up. If you are too, let’s talk.” We spent the next hour and a half the way Fred spends his every waking moment – looking for truth. Ironic, for me, is Fred’s continual use of acceptance and surrender which is brought to bear on my clenching grasp on duality. Ironic in that he is coaching me to use acceptance and surrender to release, let go, and abandon my beliefs in order to see clearly. I didn’t need another or more beliefs, I needed fewer, far fewer. I fully know his teaching is there for as long as I have the will to wake up and stay awake.

~Larry Coble,
West Columbia, SC

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  1. Trying to get one’s head around non-duality or awakening can be a mind numbingly difficult task; after all, we are dealing with that which lies beyond our every day experience and, therefore, that which we can readily understand through language. Fred’s gift lies in his ability to hold your hand and take you step by step, specifically and unambiguously, into that which you are not as well as that which you are. Anyone can say “you are not your body and mind” or “you are the ocean from which the wave of your being arises” but Fred doesn’t take refuge in metaphors or concepts. Now, my mind is stubborn and often dictatorial but Fred, in his wisdom, put a check mate on my mind. Even as my mind rose up and said “Yeah, but…”, Fred was patient and clear, showing me (not telling me) the ground of my being and, simultaneously, the ground of all being.

    Whether your practice involves meditation, contemplation, inquiry, reading or whatever else helps along your path, Fred can only deepen the awareness. Unlike some non-duality figures these days, he reaches across the divide to meet you where you are instead of filling you with platitudes you’ll forget by the next cup of coffee. He is grounded, pragmatic, and understands that the ability to know our true self is as applicable and available to the monk in a cave as much as it is for the office building janitor. Before you go to India or drop thousands on an extended retreat, give Fred a try. I may be a seeker but I have no desire to remain one indefinitely. Fred’s sessions were a huge step to knowing, to the end of seeking, to residing in the place where questions no longer take hold. And there’s a good chance he’ll make you laugh along the way.

    1. Thank you very much, Scott! I’m going to put this at the top of my Testimonials page. And I’ll be putting up your letter as a “Letter from the Field” later today. I’m truly grateful.

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