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Come wake up with us!

2:00 pm—4:00 pm Eastern
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$300 if you sign up by midnight on Wednesday, August 20th

(After August 20th, the full price is $350)



Hello again, everybody! Welcome back!

Many of you are already familiar with our SKILLFUL MEANS Awakening Series. They’ve been simply extraordinary, far surpassing my most hopeful wishes. During each series, I’ve had the pleasure of watching the vast majority of students wake up in their first session, which is a group Awakening Session. Most have come to know True Nature while sitting in the meeting room. This series is not to “prepare” you for awakening; it is to wake you up here and now. Of the few who don’t “get it” in the first session, most will recognize their True Nature before the end of the course. Everyone in the room will certainly be moved

The Skillful Means Series is comprised of one 2-hour group Awakening Session and two subsequent 2-hour group Clarity Sessions. They are held on three consecutive Saturday afternoons at 2:00 pm Eastern (New York time). Apparent magic happens. Most of you have been following this teaching either closely or casually long enough to know its effectiveness. If you’re someone who has not yet awakened, or who has had a passing awakening experience, please come join us. This may very well be the best chance you ever have of awakening.

If you’re unfamiliar with this teaching, check out our Even More and the Meetings pages. Just scroll way down and you’ll see scores of testimonials from people just like you who found freedom through The Living Method of Spiritual Awakening, which is the birth mother of Skillful Means. Here’s another link to post where you’ll see how former Skillful Means students felt about their series.

This Teaching delivers, day after day, year after year since I took it online in 2011. I can’t guarantee you’re going to wake up because awakening simply doesn’t work like that. What I can tell you is that The Living Method of Spiritual Awakening has already worked for many hundreds of people and that at the very least you’ll have a marvelous opportunity to awaken. Most will find freedom.

As always, seating is limited. Every Skillful Means Series typically sells out early, so we advise you to reserve your seat for September ASAP.



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Otherwise, just fill in the amount you want to send us. Please make sure that the email address PayPal has for you
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Come find freedom!



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