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About Dr. Glenda M. Tavormina, Authorized Teacher of The Living Method of Spiritual Awakening

Dr. Glenda M. Tavormina

Dr. Glenda M. Tavormina feels an unspeakable gratitude for the recognition of truth and for being declared an authorized teacher of The Living Method of Spiritual Awakening by its originator, Fred Davis. She enrolled in the first Teacher Training Series of The Living Method with the intention of consciously living the clarity of true nature as much as possible.


As a child she felt that what she thought and the sadness she felt was not who she truly was, and that was the genesis of a lifetime goal to find, what she called, her true self. The original awakening was an explosive experience in 1988. After 32 years of seeking to get back what had been felt to be lost, Dr. Tavormina was led to Fred Davis. Hallelujah!


Working with Fred Davis and The Living Method has been (and continues to be) a subtle peeling of the onion that has revealed or disclosed the ever-present clarity that is.


Dr. Glenda M. Tavormina and her husband, Dr. Vincent Tavormina, met at Columbia University School of Dental and Oral surgery. They graduated in 1977 with DDS degrees, created Tavormina Dentistry, received Fellowships from The Academy of General Dentistry, and were in private practice for 42 years before retiring and relocating from New Jersey to Delaware. They are the proud parents of Julian and Taryn. Along the way business consultant and caregiver to her Mom were sprinkled in.


Dr. Glenda M. Tavormina is the author of The Water’s Game (see below), an illustrated children’s book that is a beautiful metaphor that can help children begin to realize their true nature.


The Water’s Game
by Dr. Glenda M. Tavormina 

Glenda has written a new book for children, The Water’s Game. It’s nondual teaching, but it doesn’t scream that. I read it and really liked it, but you don’t have to be a nondualist to appreciate it. Fit for general gift-giving.

– Fred Davis

“An Introduction to Oneness for Children and Other Simple Beings.

The Water’s Game is a beautifully written and marvelously illustrated story about spiritual truth and you very own secret identity, your True Nature. I spent decades as a bookseller, and in my mind, this book falls in the same category as The Velveteen Rabbit and The Giving Tree.
I’ve spent most of the last twenty years as a spiritual teacher with a global following. Glenda has been my student and friend; now, she is a fellow teacher. She knows of the peace she writes about here. You and your child can discover some of what she knows by reading this book. It’s a joy to read. I think it took me about 20-30 minutes to read it silently. Having done that, I recommend reading it out loud regardless of whether you’re sharing it or somewhere quiet and curled up alone.
Do you know the secret of the water? It’s an Open Secret, even an obvious one, yet billions overlook it daily. Don’t be one of Those People. Be a Wise Person instead. Enjoy the pure pleasure of reading this story and simultaneously take it seriously. Discover the Love that You already are.
All it takes is an open heart and an open mind. Give your child the greatest gift and check to see if you, too are Finally Ready. I send you my love.”
 Updated review by Fred Davis on Amazon, October 17, 2023


The Water’s Game is an illustrated hardcover children’s book. It is a metaphor that tells the story of how the world came to be and that there’s just one thing actually here. The key to seeing the truth is love.
The meaning of the story can be appreciated on different levels, depending on the understanding of the reader — adult and child alike. The author experienced herself, so to speak, as an instrument for the book’s expression. The art was inspired by the story and the author worked very closely with the illustrator to create the art.
The universe is aligned to make this book available now for all lovers of truth and beauty. 

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