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Self-Realization Video Course

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The Living Method of Spiritual Awakening Self-Realization Video Course is available for purchase.  

This course has over 10 hours of instruction and Q&A recorded live in a virtual classroom with Living Method students. This course includes much of the same material presented in my one-on-one sessions. If you’re ready to wake up, here’s your opportunity! 
The first two sessions contain the Awakening Session part of the course. The next three sessions are Clarity Sessions. No one will take this course and be unaffected. Everyone will be given the opportunity to awaken. Many will take it. Will you?

Difference Between the Self-Realization Video Course and
the Skillful Means Video Course

The Self-Realization Video Course is 10 hours of instruction and investigation, and there’s a long visualization exercise that is VERY powerful if you are open to it. It contains the methodology that Fred used from 2013 to 2016. Hundreds of people woke up in the private Awakening Session that it simulates for a “classroom” of people.

The Skillful Means Course is closer to six hours, and it contains a methodology that’s quite similar to what Fred uses now. Many hundreds have Realized via this method too. Fred is a clearer, sharper teacher than he was in 2013-2016, but that doesn’t mean it’s “better.” They are both clear and generally successful in live classes. Even a glimpse has great value if one remains open to greater clarity, which is Fred’s field, of course.
Maybe start with the Skillful Means one first. When you take the second one, you’ll recognize a bit from the first, but it in no way duplicates the first. Many of Fred’s present “Continuing Students” were first in Skillful Means. It’s strong. 


“Hi Fred, I bought your online course and listened to the first 4 hours or 2 sessions. I think I woke up lol. It’s a strange one. If I just raise no thoughts or language then I feel calm and peaceful. But then I lose it until I go back again so to speak. Is it possible to ‘be’ but still talk or have conversation? Something has changed tho. Thanks Jason”

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A special thanks goes out to our community volunteers who help clip videos, transcribe and co-host sessions for us. 

Contact us if you would like to be a part of our volunteer community.