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Pre-Recorded Awakening Courses

Skillful Means  Course

Self-Realization Course

Beyond Recovery Course

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nonduality video course

The next best thing to attending a live Skillful Means class is to experience the course via recorded video sessions.  

This Skillful Means class was recorded over the last three Saturdays of June, 2020 and includes a 2-hour Awakening session as well as two 2-hour Clarity sessions. You can enjoy this course on your computer or mobile device.  
“Thank you very much for facilitating the Skillful Means course and for the subsequent satsangs. The experience was invaluable.” ~Rob 

“Just want to say Thank You for offering the Skillful Awakening Series. The series absolutely lived up to its title.”  ~Angelica

The Living Method of Spiritual Awakening Video Course is now available via Vimeo-On-Demand.

These five sessions contain over 10 hours of instruction and Q&A recorded live in a virtual classroom with Living Method students. You’ll experience 2 Awakening sessions and 3 Clarity sessions. 
“So simple. So direct. So powerful. And so transforming and life-changing. Love, gratitude, and deep respect to you and Betsy for all you do.” 

The course is loosely aligned with my first book, Beyond Recovery: Nonduality and the Twelve Steps 

It is a deep look into the spiritual underpinnings of all forms of addiction. Seeing the mechanisms of the dream is a big step in leaving dreaming behind.  
My own history of addiction is well known; it is used as both illustration and illumination in both that book and this course. 

A special thanks goes out to our community volunteers who help clip videos, transcribe and co-host sessions for us. 

Contact us if you would like to be a part of our volunteer community.