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Private Awakening Sessions

For those of you who already know about Fred and this teaching, we’re pleased to announce that private Awakening Sessions with Fred will resume in October 2021. We are booking sessions. He’ll be doing a limited number of them each month. Details are below and we welcome your inquiries. This program just now restarted, so there are openings available in October (and there are a couple available in late September).

These sessions last 90 minutes. A lot happens! If you scroll down toward the bottom of the Even More! page of this website, you’ll see a ton of testimonials. Over the years we’ve had more than we can print.

If you’re new to this teaching, Fred’s known as “the wake-up guy!” He’s been doing online Awakening Sessions with students and clients for the last eight years. These sessions are to help you wake up in real-time, meaning awakening occurs while you’re exploring Truth with Fred during the first session. Not everyone wakes up, but nearly everyone does. The odds are heavily in your favor.

Hundreds of people—well over a thousand—have woken up in private sessions with Fred. Are you next?

We had a lot of requests for individual Awakening Sessions over the summer and we had to say, “No,” because Fred really needed a bit of a break. We’re pleased to once again be able to say, “Yes!” We very much look forward to hearing from you!

Fred & Betsy


Private Awakening Sessions with Fred



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