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Perhaps the single fastest way to become awakened known to mankind (he says with as much humility that experience will allow).

These classes have proven to be every bit as effective in leading students to find their true nature as my one-on-one, private, awakening sessions have proven to be.

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“What really surprised me was how effective your method is. I spent the afternoon feeling incredibly peaceful in a crowded supermarket thinking, “This stuff really worked! OMG!! It worked!”



The path to awakening is filled with questions, and these weekly satsangs are your opportunity to discover the answers that you seek.

Find out what it’s like to be part of a supportive, presently awakening community, and gain access to having your questions answered by an authentic, living teacher.

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These sessions last 90 minutes. A lot happens! If you scroll down toward the bottom of the Resources page of this website, you’ll see a ton of testimonials. Over the years we’ve had more than we can print.

These sessions are to help you wake up in real-time, meaning awakening occurs while you’re exploring Truth with Fred during the first session. Not everyone wakes up, but nearly everyone does. The odds are heavily in your favor.

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“Fred has a unique, playful, accessible way of awakening a wide diverse range of people like myself. He dissolves all untruths. I can tell you without a doubt, what Fred does during an Awakening Session, IT WORKS!!!


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