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Fred will be starting an ongoing perpetual Living Method Group Clearing Series beginning Thursday, November 3, 2022, and running indefinitely. Classes will be composed of 12 students or less, which ensures that each student will have the opportunity to receive individual attention in most or all of the meetings.

There will doubtlessly be many heady topics arising from and within this group. Nonetheless, Fred will naturally meet you wherever you are along the so-called path of awakening. That’s the beauty of a small group; they are both personal and powerful. This has been the experience for all of us already involved in the Living Method Teaching Series.

There is simply no substitute for one-on-one time with an authentic teacher. That direct experience, together with a small, devoted group for support, makes it far easier to take that “giant” step of actually getting involved in what you’ve been studying since you first discovered nonduality. Yet no one is the center of attention for long, and we get a chance to catch our breath and let what the body has heard sink in.

Being an operative part of nonduality is where the rubber meets the road. One aspect of that is the recognition that the body-mind, which Fred terms “the unit,” is the Divine Expression within relativity, and your true nature is Unexpressed Divinity. Authentic spirituality is when the focus moves away from “What can I get?” to “How can I help?” This is when the Expressed and the Unexpressed are experienced simultaneously. For those through whom awakenings happen, this uncommon change of view requires a subtle, profound way of seeing and feeling.

You will see more clearly, dump a load of suffering, develop a more significant experience as Conscious Awakeness, and become a part of the overall spiritual solution. If we want that more than what we have, the opportunity will arise. For that to happen in the least amount of time, without wasted effort, we will want to have as much face-time with our teacher as possible.

Fred has many skillful means at his disposal to help people awaken and clear. Along with that, more and more clients insist that being with Fred in a virtual (Zoom) environment is extremely helpful and sometimes critical. Not the “Fred body,” of course; it’s not about the donut; it’s about the hole! They mean, of course, the Animating Presence that works through the “donut hole” that brings us this uncannily effective Teaching.

We have specifically designed these small-group meetings for people who have had at least a glimpse of their True Nature, even if that glimpse was but for a single second. Meeting topics can be found everywhere: in your own experience in and inquiry. They can be found in abundance throughout Fred’s books, videos, and website. Naturally, we want to stay the course and not move into a wave of hypothetical scenarios. Keep it real.

This is your course, so please do develop questions in between meetings. The quality of your questions automatically determines the depth of your responses. If you’ll try to keep your questions as true-to-you as you can, Fred will work to bring you into alignment with the principles upon which The Living Method stands which have come to mean so much to so many.

The course consists of two ninety-minute meetings a month with Fred. We’ve learned through the Teaching Series that this is the optimum length. All Living Method Meetings will, of course, be centered on this Teaching’s methodology and phenomenology. You’ll also get two shorter Zoom meetings per month with a student-teacher mentor, who’ll be growing along with you.

To go along with the Zoom calls, all members will have free admission to every Sunday Satsang. If you can’t make it, you’ll still get the recording. Your mentors will be people who were hand-chosen by Fred to become our first student-teachers. They are people who were seen to be clear when they were chosen, and who’ve now had months of small-group training in how to be authentic nondual teachers in the tradition of The Living Method of Awakening.

The tuition fee is $250 per month. You’ll need to schedule and reserve your slot a full month ahead of time, just like we do with the Continuing Students Program. Once we reach 16 students, we’ll cut admission off for that month. Once you start in the program, then so long as you remain current, you’ll receive preferential placement for the next month.

Thank you for sending this invitation to any family members or friends who you think might be interested.

This series can be the lead-in to the other series we’ll be hosting this fall, the Group Clearing Series (GCS). It’s well worth your attention, a six-month intensive for 16 participants, with bi-monthly sessions taught by me and with participation from the members of the Teacher Training Series (TTS), which began in July. Betsy and I, together with a small team of longtime followers of The Living Method, have been working on restructuring some elements of the Teaching so that we can reach more people. Please feel free to share this email with anyone you know who might be interested in dipping a toe into Nonduality and The Living Method of Spiritual Awakening. There will be more details to follow – see you on Zoom.


Always love, ❦ Betsy & Fred

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