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Sunday Satsang May 2023

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The following is a list of all sessions, courses, books, and complimentary offerings about The Living Method taught and provided by Fred Davis. Click the links for more details and any payment information. Also see a long list of testimonials on these products.


Sunday Satsang

Join us for 90 lively minutes of a unique meeting every week. This is not your “ordinary Satsang”—that’s usually all about how to wake up, stories about others who woke up, or how to deal with relative problems while pursuing awakening. A great many people who show up for this “weekly clarity party” have already woken up and are now in the clearing stage. We do address awakening, but we also address the ongoing experience of post-awakening. Fred calls it “clearing.” There’s no graduation from clearing, and none of us would want one. Clearing is a rich and endless process, and we talk about all of that. Life after awakening can also be quite puzzling and/or frustrating, and we talk about that, too. You will hear very little of this elsewhere. Most people find this to be completely unlike anything else in Nonduality.

More information on Sunday Satsang


Awakening Sessions

Awakening Sessions present the seeker with a very elaborate and structured form of nondual inquiry skillfully coordinated and presented by Fred or other teacher of The Living Method. First, you come to see through undeniable evidence, exactly what you are not. Once that’s accomplished we bring our attention toward what you really are. Not everyone wakes up, but very nearly everyone does. No one leaves unmoved.

– Private Awakening Session – Includes one 90-minute Awakening Session, a recording of the session, four complimentary Satsangs and their recordings, two Group Clearing Series sessions and their recordings, and a 1:1 Clarity call with a teacher of The Living Method

– Skillful Means Series – Two-hour meetings on three consecutive Saturdays for small groups; includes an awakening session, two additional meetings to enhance clarity, and three complimentary Satsangs


Clearing Sessions 

After awakening, the process of clearing out the fictional character continues, deepening the conscious embodiment of Awakeness.

– Sunday Satsang – 90-minute meetings open to all every Sunday to facilitate clearing, see above for details

– Group Clearing Series: Freedom From Imagination – Twice a month small group meetings with Fred 

– Group Clearing Series: Living as True Nature (invitation only)


Other Live Courses

Freedom Beyond Recovery – Focuses on recovery and addiction within the context of nonduality
– The Living Method Book Club: Grokking With Glenda, the Language of The Living Method – Study, discuss, and debate the written works of Fred Davis in a fun and light-hearted environment


Pre-recorded On-Demand Video Courses

Self Realization – More than 10 hours of video instruction, including two sessions of an Awakening Session and three Clarity Sessions / ONLINE COURSES

Skillful Means Series – A previous live Skillful Means Series course on video

Beyond Recovery – A series of two-hour dialogues over 12 weeks between a small group of friends, providing a deep look into the spiritual underpinnings of all forms of addiction


Books and Audiobooks

All books by Fred Davis on Amazon
Audiobooks on Audible

Awakening Clarity: A Spiritual Sampler 


Podcasts (complimentary)





Social Media (complimentary)

YouTube Main Channel

Instagram, Fred Davis The Living Method
Instagram, Sharing The Living MethodCreated to share The Living Method, started by Fred Davis and continued by his students.

Instagram, Freedom Beyond Recovery – Created for the new course (see above)


Blog Posts (complimentary)


Select Interviews and Conversations (complimentary)

– Buddha at the Gas Pump with Rick Archer (2013)
– Nothing Media with Leonard Bisquera (2022)
– Laughing Stoic Buddha Podcast with Nick Bibeau (2020)
– The Healing Mirror Podcast with Soraya Saraswati (2020)
– The Liturgists Podcast with Michael Gungor (2020)

Fit for Joy with Valeria Teles (2019)
– Conversation on Nonduality with Author/Editor John Ames (2015): Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Never Not Here with Richard Miller (2014): Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
– Question the Orthodox with Trey Carland (2014)


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