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Beyond Recovery Video Course

Beyond Recovery Video Course

This course presents a series of dialogs that took place between a small group of friends over the course of three months—two hours a week for 12 weeks. It was also supported by a network of subscribers. Now, The Living Method of Spiritual Awakening’s Beyond Recovery Course is available in full via Vimeo.

The course is loosely aligned with my first book, Beyond Recovery: Nonduality and the Twelve Steps. It is a deep look into the spiritual underpinnings of all forms of addiction. Seeing the mechanisms of the dream is a big step in leaving dreaming behind. My own history of addiction (and participation in the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous) is well known; it is used as both illustration and illumination in both that book and this course.

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The course focuses on clearing away the parasitic beliefs that spontaneously arise within and to Awakeness through unit patterns. We delve into the most destructive belief of all—that you are exclusively a single human body. I don’t know how else to put it other than to say that Oneness is in effectively in denial. That denial is the root of seeking, which is the root of all addiction, regardless of how the addictive patterns are playing out in the world. 

We want more. We want other. We want to finally be enough, have enough, know enough, and on and on. 
Clearing is coming to grok these simple truths on a profound level. There is no “more,” only This. There is no “other,” only This. And there is no satisfying that which cannot be satisfied. Come see yourself for yourself.



“I loved the sense of being at home with fellow addicts. We rarely spoke of our addiction to substances, past or present, but I felt that our experience with this struggle, and especially Fred’s, gave us a focus and sense of purpose, as we explored the practical implications of awakening and abiding in True Nature.” 

Kathleen Sutherland, Iowa

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