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Following a conversation with Adyashanti years ago, in which I described my daily (post-awakened) life as still being like “a pinball being flung from flipper to bumper and back again,” I installed feeders outside, close to both the living room and kitchen windows so that I would automatically touch base with the natural world numerous times a day, and not be bent over just my computer and my books. They helped! Fredness has two speeds: full throttle and off. So even today, many years later, the birds still constantly encourage a falling back into neutrality, a present recognition and grateful acceptance of the Natural State.

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Fred is Nonduality’s Socrates. His method works, and this unit highly recommends it!
~Ed-ness W.
Former Philosophy major and client, Roswell, Georgia


“Your teaching on awakening fully accords with the teachings of Zen.
You follow the ancient Zen method of direct pointing to mind which
results in
the authentic experience of kensho, initial awakening.
are a true Zen teacher!”

~Christopher Warnock
Zen initiate and Living Method student, Iowa City, Iowa


“[Sages at this level of awakening] excel at one-to-one coaching.
Fred Davis, for example, is a master at it.
He is exceptionally skilled at initiating people into non-duality.
That is his specialty.”
~Ramaji, author

1000: The Levels of Consciousness
and a Map of the Stages of Awakening for Spiritual Seekers and Teachers

“Statistically, the rate you have been instrumental in
helping others to awaken is almost unparalleled in history.”

~K.C. Oon
20-year veteran meditation teacher, Singapore


~Biographical Sketch

FRED DAVIS is an independent, nondual spiritual teacher, and transformative philosopher. He studied and practiced Eastern wisdom for twenty-five years prior to 2006, when seeking ended, and his true awakening commenced. He is the creator and editor of Awakening Clarity Now.com, and the founder of The Living Method of Spiritual Awakening.

Fred is also the author of five books, including the nondual bestsellers Awaken Now: The Living Method of Spiritual Awakening, The Book of Undoing: Direct Pointing to Nondual Awareness, and Beyond Recovery: Nonduality and the Twelve Steps.

Fred’s Living Method of Spiritual Awakening is an extraordinarily successful process of nondual inquiry, investigation, and direct pointing that encourages immediate recognition and acceptance of our shared true nature, Oneness. Fred has worked with people from all the major traditions: Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Transcendental Meditators and Zen practitioners, as well as people with no allegiance to any religion or sect at all. More than a thousand people on six continents have found the door to freedom using The Living Method, which has roots in both Eastern spirituality and Western philosophy.

Fred is very happily married, is deeply devoted to this teaching, his beautiful wife, and his extraordinary animal companions. He lives quietly as a chiefly ignored, urban hermit in what he calls “The Heart of Progressive America”, which as everyone knows is Columbia, South Carolina.



Awaken NOW: The Living Method of Spiritual Awakening

The Book of Undoing: Direct Pointing to Nondual Awareness

The Book of Unknowing: From Enlightenment to Embodiment

The Book of Unveiling: From Awakening to Abidance

Beyond Recovery: Nonduality and the Twelve Steps




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