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What Distinguishes The Living Method of Spiritual Awakening From Other Teachings?

Here are 10 ways that The Living Method of Spiritual Awakening is so powerful and stands out from other teachings. Some teachings possess some of the characteristics. As far as The Living Method teaching is aware, no others possess them all.

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There are 10 Major Reasons Why The Living Method is So Effective!



Yin Yang Ornamental#1: The Living Method of Spiritual Awakening is the Pathless Path to Nondual Awakening.


There is no path to awakening. The Living Method helps its students uncover immediate realization. 


Other spiritual teachings are engaging in a path to enlightenment. There’s a myth that they can clear you up to have you achieve enlightenment. 


With other nondual teachings there’s a journey to become enlightened and supposedly when you reach enlightenment you’re done. Enlightenment is considered an end point.

Mountains in Clouds#2: The Living Method Awakens First, Then Clears! It Is a Backwards Teaching!


Until it is clearly seen what you are not, truth cannot be revealed. Discovering what you are not has been called neti neti and The Living Method does neti neti on steroids! With The Living Method it can be recognized that the body is not you, the mind is not you, nor are emotions. It’s recognized that the body-mind is merely the “camera” through which life is experiencing itself. The lifeness of life itself is dreaming experiencing and viewing itself, so to speak, through the body-mind.


The Living Method Awakening Session first dispels what is not true. How can you know what’s going on if you don’t even know the truth about what you are? The Living Method teaches that experience rises to meet the view. From where what is happening is viewed, determines the experience.


If you lost your memory, would you have to ask someone if you exist? Of course not. Even without a memory of who you are, you still know you exist, but you have no identity (no story). Through The Living Method, once what you are not is recognized, you know that you exist, but you don’t know what that is. You can now inquire into this unquestionable existence so that you may discover and recognize what you really are. What that is, is prior to language.


Participants in The Living Method actually come to recognize through direct and consistent inquiry, that there is no actual seeker who can wake up. There is no awakening for anyone. “Awakeness” is all there is, and through The Living Method, Awakeness comes to recognize itself.


A Woman Meditating#3: The Living Method Is Direct and Immediate: It Reveals There is Only Here/Now.


That’s why there is no awakening soon. That’s why there’s no path to awakening. Awakening is here and now or not. 


The Living Method inquires into direct experiencing now and brings about the recognition that there is what is, as it is, here, now. 


There’s no separate self running the show, and there never has been.

Woman Riding Horse#4: Without a Story The Living Method Reveals Freedom Now!


Why is there apparently no freedom? Fred’s Four Ignoble Truths explain:


1. We make things up.

2. We believe what we make up.

3. We suffer because we believe the things we make up.

4. We turn to spirituality to end the suffering caused by believing the things we make up.


The Living Method Awakening Session enables true nature to see through Fred’s Four Ignoble Truths and as a result, ever present freedom from imagination is revealed.


With the questioning of thinking, comes freedom from imagination. How do you know a thought is a lie? It’s a thought!


The Living Method allows for the recognition of freedom from being a doer. Doing happens spontaneously no matter how it may feel otherwise. The Living Method reveals the truth of freedom from identification.


The Living Method enables freedom from what seems to be. The method distinguishes between how things feel or how they are sensed, and what is. The question is posed: Is the sense of something the same as the truth of something?


The Living Method is for freedom from the dream. The Living Method is not about making a better dream (a better relative experience), however, ironically a better relative experience is usually an outcome of clarity. It’s recognized that whatever condition appears, true nature is unaffected.


Road in Sunlight#5: Post-Awakening Clearing IS a Path.


Clearing is necessary after awakening, not before (as conventional spiritual teachings attempt to accomplish). The path of clearing is the path of clearing away the believed thinking and assuming, that have kept ever present freedom from being noticed. 


Once true nature has been recognized, do the conditioned patterns of the body-mind disappear? They do not! Experience presents signposts or red flags that indicate the need for clearing away believed thinking patterns. Any suffering is a red flag, as are guilt, shame, and the use of the word should. Wanting to understand is another indication that ever present clarity is apparently veiled.


You cannot understand truth! As a matter of fact, the need to understand is an apparent veil superimposed over clarity. The Living Method brings to life the fact that truth and true nature are beyond understanding. Other teachings talk about the truth in order to give more information, as though information or understanding can reveal truth. It cannot! Pointing to the truth, as other nondual teachings do, is not equal to recognizing the truth as all, through the inquiry of The Living Method.


Clearing is the continued inquiry that clears out the idea of a “character” that never was. This idea of a character, the belief in a character, is imagination, and is a belief in a separation that does not exist. Awakening is an event, most of the time, (not always), but clearing is always a process. Other nondual spiritual teachings do not have post-awakening clearing. How can they, when their approach is based on a belief that awakening is an end result!? Awakening is actually the beginning of authentic spiritual living.


The Living Method seems to work as true nature recognizes true nature or “grocks” itself (has a feeling, intuited, understanding that is not understanding as a mental activity). It’s a resonation. As true nature recognizes itself over and over through inquiry and repetition of truth, what is, is revealed, again and again, and more and more of already ever-present clarity is recognized. Repetition is the mother of clarity. Unlike other teachings which lead the seeker to believe there is a state to achieve, The Living Method demonstrates there is no graduation, because there is no one to graduate. There’s infinite clarity to be recognized as long as there’s an animating presence enlivening the body.


Library Books#6: Clearing Is a Method of Unlearning. 

In recognizing the truth that we are, that actually is, with clearing, the dissolving of what we thought we knew reveals all the clarity there is.


Notice the “Un” in the titles of three of Fred Davis’ six books The Book of Undoing: Direct Pointing to Nondual Awareness, The Book of Unknowing: From Enlightenment to Embodiment, and, The Book of Unveiling: From Awakening to Abidance. Students of The Living Method use regular language and unlearn believing it. Beliefs, opinions, and points of view, or BOPS are questioned. The Living Method uses words to go beyond the words to what’s aware of words and is prior to language.


Person on Balcony#7: Claim Your Awakening! Claim What’s Recognized Instead of What’s Imagined!


Students of The Living Method thrive with the claiming of the awakening


The claiming of the awakening is Awakeness claiming it knows itself, not as the body or a mind, but as Awakeness—or truth itself. The claiming is standing as Awakeness no matter what body-mind experience is happening. 


If the awakening isn’t claimed, then Awakeness will be apparently veiled by the arising false assumption that it is a body and a mind. That’s an identification with an imaginary self. That’s the arising of “I am.” 


The Living Method inquires into “I am” and reveals it as the first dreamed thought. “I am” is the birth of identification and therefore, separation


Other teachings present “I am” as self-realization. The imaginary “I am” is actually arising, conditioned thinking patterns, and these thinking patterns will seek to find an awakening that is believed to have been lost. Nothing can be lost or gained. Can you find an owner of thinking? It is discovered and recognized that thinking is an arising of Awakeness, itself.

Dart Board#8: The Living Method Can Be Duplicated Because It IS A Method!


The Living Method of Spiritual Awakening is a method and methods can be duplicated, thereby producing consistent and reliable results.


The beauty of the method is that it has a life of its own. There are no gurus or enlightened special ones here. The teaching is unique because it can express through any participant who is being the clarity that they are, and by using The Living Method of inquiry, with sufficient clarity, any participant can successfully have the experience of guiding the realization of truth or exposing what is a lie. 


There has been a completed Teacher Training Series of The Living Method from which has risen more teachers of The Living Method. The Living Method was originated through Fred Davis. 


Woman at Sunrise#9: The Living Method is Inclusive: The Absolute and the Relative Are One.


Students, or seekers of nonduality are seeking Oneness. The Living Method guides nondual students to the clarity of being Oneness in each arising, now. With The Living Method of inquiry, Oneness comes to know itself as itself. The Living Method allows for experiencing the truth that is, as the very existence of all. It is recognized that all there is, is love. There is only Oneness, so is there any way you cannot be it?


The Living Method includes the absolute and the relative. There’s only one thing going on, with no separation. The absolute is the ground of being, so to speak, of the relative. There is Noneness appearing to be Oneness or somethingness. There’s no either/or. It is seen that everything counts and nothing matters. Other teachings that negate the relative experience are teaching absolutism, not nonduality. There also are other teachings that focus on creating a better dream.


The Living Method is the teaching of direct experiencing now and what’s beyond experiencing. 


It is immediate and instant. It is inquiry into, thisthe actual experiencing in this arising now, and the field of arisings. The Living Method inquires into that which is prior to manifestation.


The Living Method acknowledges the unspeakable absence of that which is prior to consciousness or manifestation. The profound nature of acknowledging that which is prior to language, is a hallmark of The Living Method of Spiritual Awakening.


Heart Shapes#10: The Living Method is Raw, Intentional—Often Blunt and Straight.


There is no “pretty dance” of trying to make the imaginary character feel better. 


Love is expressed as tough love, if that is what’s necessary for truth to be recognized. 


It is of no importance to a teacher of The Living Method to be liked, more than they want to end seeking and reveal the realization of truth.

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