The Awakening Clarity Now Continuing Student Program (Currently Full)

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School of Athens, painted 1509-1511, by Raphael

Hello, everybody. I’ve restructured this program so that I can take on a few more people without increasing my workload and still keep appointment slots open for newcomers. It is only open to people who have previously had an Awakening Session with me, or who have attended Sunday Satsang for a long while; it’s not an entry vehicle for newcomers. It’s for long-term, committed students, and it’s designed to fit a budget. We give you a discounted rate, and you commit to supporting us on a monthly basis. My current students like this program a lot, and I invite you to join us. 

There is simply no substitute for the benefit of spending time directly with a living teacher. While whatever renown I may enjoy comes chiefly from being “the wake-up guy,” 80% of my time is actually spent working with people who have already moved into the post-awakening state, (so to speak). Many of them initially woke up with me, but I also work with a number of students who awakened independent of this teaching, but have found they now want some specialized guidance, and the opportunity to be part of an awakening community. Living nonduality is where the rubber meets the road.

This is also the program for alert beings who think they may be interested in becoming nondual teachers. Some of my students are already teaching via their website writings, and perhaps in their communities as well.

Payment for this program is made in advance for the next full calendar month. I send out a payment reminder on the 15th of each month, but if you can pay earlier in the month, that’s always much appreciated. Everyone is asked to please pay promptly; it’s the only way our very tight scheduling will work. Every one of my sessions is presently selling out every single month.

CSP is a truly excellent way to put some consistency into your spiritual program. And what’s the most powerful “accelerator”? Consistency.


~1 Hour-Long, One-on-One Meetings with Fred
~Open-door Sunday Satsang privileges for the 3 regular meetings per month,
plus recordings of those events, whether you were present or not.
-Admission to a private Awakening Clarity Now forum where you can both post and read.

Ongoing Commitment, Includes Single Session & Free Satsang, Payable in Advance


The Fine Print
You can end your participation at any time, but no refunds will be offered for unused benefits.

 My husband and I have been “continuing students” for two years.
It’s so worth it.”

Kathleen, Iowa

This program is currently full.
Write us if you’d like to get on the waiting list.


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