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  1. Mike
    December 29, 2018 @ 2:21 pm

    Beautiful gift (as I sit reading by the tree), thank you Kathleen. I saw Alice too, and it was a great (not-needed-to-be)memorable gift. “We are nothing. Yet abundance flows.” I am ever grateful for you Kathleen. love through Mikeness

  2. Kathleen
    December 29, 2018 @ 3:31 pm

    Thanks, Mike. I, too, am so grateful for you!


  3. Tom
    December 29, 2018 @ 5:51 pm

    Thanks Kathleen ! how marvelously clear and helpful…………….

  4. Tom Smyth
    January 6, 2019 @ 8:52 pm

    Thank you Kathleen! Keep writing.
    My identity traits I wish to surrender are negative. “Try hard – fail – repeat.” This endless cycle is getting old. When I recognize this cycle I don’t try. When I don’t recognize I try and fail. Yuuuck.
    I have a private session with Fred a week from Wed and we’ll address this.

    • Kathleen
      January 7, 2019 @ 3:09 pm

      Thanks, Tom. All traits belong to the character. Seeing this makes it easy to let go of unskillful behavior.

      <3 K

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